2 min - how to use this app


On each listing your will see a       If you click the heart and it turns       black and is then stored in the favourites section shown here


The App is preset to a fixed Location and will automatically show you everything  closest to that location. If you wish to see the listings closest from your mobile devise instead click this icon. Turn the Red Button Marked "Off" to Green Marked "On"



Click on these buttons to see a wide range of information from Sat Nav links, App owners information to incredible Local information from supermarkets to pubs and restaurants


When you click on a listing button you will see all the listings showing either the closest phone or the pre set location. One each listing you will see these Icons which do the following

Add to favourites

Drive to the listing 

Location Map

Listing Website


Each listing has this Car navigation button shown on all listings, When clicked the app will navigate you to the listings from anywhere in the UK.


Our app open the Waze Navigation app in the background and starts building the recommended route to the listing.


For this feature to work you need to have the Waze app on your phone.

When the app is installed on your phone:

The first time the car is clicked and it will open the Waze app in the background  offer you two choices:

Open in Waze App

Open in Web View


 Please choose "OPEN IN WEB VIEW" option.

After this process each time you click on the car it will automatically start calculating the best route to drive...



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