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Pocket London welcomes editorial contributions.

Pocket London (pocketlondon.info) is a multi platform website and app currently made up of 280 different websites (embedded into and distributed by our clients). App distribution currently stands at 41 native apps on both the Apple and Google Play platforms. 


If you would like to promote your restaurant, attraction, announce an event or even have a video included on the London Video Guide, please submit the appropriate form shown below to be considered for inclusion on the Pocket London platforms.

Our editors will approve or decline any submissions within 3 days of receipt of the form and will email confirmation of their decision to publish or not. The editors decision is final.


Unique copy

All descriptions need to be made up of unique copy to ensure our (and your), SEO credentials are maintained, so all copy submitted will be checked to ensure that the content is made up of unique written material. We use Copyscape to confirm the text supplied is unique. Submissions that are not made up of unique copy will be rejected.  


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