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How the App works


Our Property App is created in two key stages.

Initially we make a fully branded native app for our client, which is published on both the Apple Store and Google Play platforms. The content of this app is aimed at our client’s customers and anyone else who may come across the app while searching the app stores.

The second stage involves providing our client’s customers with a personalised app that is focused on the property they have just purchased or rented.

To create the personalised customer app, we will supply a simple form for you to enter in the property information from this we will built the property app. (This process takes 3 minutes)


We will then supply you with a distribution page to send personalised of the property app to the occupants, exactly as shown on the demo pages.

If there are a number of occupants in the property, complete the form for each person and an app link will be sent directly to each of them.

When the customer clicks the link they are taken to their app store and invited to download your native app.

When the user opens the app they will see it is completely personalised and features all the information about the property and surrounding area they have just moved into.

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