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Initially while both parties assess the effectiveness of the PLG product, we use a single shared App in the Apple App store and Google Play.

Using deep-linking software, Hotels and and other business' can share our single app to publish their bespoke content. We utilise a single native App on users phones, which when opened shows our hotel clients specific branded app.

By using a single app container, everyone saves the enormous costs of maintaining and managing a bespoke App.

​How we finance the App

This product is financed from displaying advertising across the app content, booking commissions and introductions to third party suppliers.

​​What you get for free

  • Free use of the "Your London" App container, deep-linking to your branded version

  • Geo Push notifications offers 

  • Free Website version of your App, using our iframe (we will supply)

  • App automatically sent to guests by email and or text message, when our PLG registration form is used.

  • Free publicity material provided to promote your App promotion to include:

      • A3 Poster for lobby and dinning room,

      • A4 Picture stand boards for front desk,

      • A4 Posters,

      • App promo cards,

      • Bedroom doo​r stickers.

      • ​​​Registration Tablet 


Client Obligations 

  • Provide all the necessary pictures and text for PLG to produce the App,

  • Post the iframe on their website within 14 days of receipt of Iframe code,

  • Properly market the App to their guests,

  • Connect the PLG API to their booking system (optional) or ​require all guests to register through the PLG hotel registration form

  • Observe and perform this agreement in line with our terms and conditions.


Terms: Minimum contract period is 1 month notice to cancel 30 days

Launch date: March 2018




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