Promotional Materials

A3 Poster for lobby and dinning room

A4 Picture stand boards for front desk

A4 Posters

App promo cards

Bedroom door stickers

Wifi Code Cards to give guests

Guest Registration Tablet

We will provide you with one free tablet at the beginning of the agreement. We are not hardware suppliers and should the tablet we supply gets broken or stops working for any reason we will not replace it. For you to continue to earn substantial commissions from our service you will need to provide a method of signing guests up if the original Tablet stops working.

Replacement cost for a new tablet is £50 plus P+P and VAT

If the agreement is cancelled within the first 12 months the cost will be £50 plus VAT.


Pocket London Guides pays commissions to Hotel partners when a guest registers, using the PLG Registration form.

Pocket London has Advertisers who will pay to promote their products and services to hotel guests via email and SMS. We share the profit from these advertisers with our hotel partners.

Pocket London Pays a maximum of 20% commission on the following terms:

  • 10% of the profit on all email and SMS promotions made for the PLG advertising clients to the hotel guests

  • 5% when the Hotel's personalised website app is embedded into a page on the hotels website and a link is included in the website navigation.

  • 5% when the Hotel displays the promotional materials requested above, correctly around the hotel (site visit and/or photo required)


Commissions are payable at the end of each quarter, so long as the advertiser invoice has been paid and the Hotel partners commission account totals £100 or more. Accumulated commissions under £100, will be rolled over to the next quarters.

Launch date: March 2018




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